Mindful Metal

Words have energy, and positive messages have a profound effect on us.

According to Dr. Emoto & his groundbreaking research, even water molecules are affected by the energy of thoughts, words, and feelings.
Since our bodies are 60-75% water, just imagine the influence thoughts, words and feelings have on us!

Mindful accessories are tools that help you to be more present, focused and intentional with yourself and the ones you love.
Hand stamped pieces are designed as empowering tools to support you with meaningful words, quotes and affirmations.
Combine the energy of the words with your intention to help you create positive change in your life. 

(To learn more about energy healing, click the "Learn" section on this site.)

☯ Each item is designed and handcrafted with love and intention, cleansed with sacred sage, blessed with a mantra prayer, and energized with the healing power of Reiki to help balance energy in mind, body and spirit.