Mala Necklaces

The Meaning Behind Malas

Mala Beads are used for all kinds of purposes, mostly revolving around intention setting.
Setting your intentions is the most important thing you can do when striving to live an authentic life.
Mindful accessories are tools that help you to be more present, focused and intentional with yourself and the ones you love.
Whether you use it for prayer and meditation, for energy healing, or as a fashion statement, mala beads are a beautiful way to raise your vibration, and live a more mindful, intentional and balanced life. 

Malas are one of the latest fashion trends to hit the yoga space, but their origin and history goes back to the birthplace of yoga.
The term mala is derived from the Sanskrit word “Japamala”, which is a string of beads used for prayer and meditation, similar to the concept of a rosary in the Catholic faith.
Just like malas mean more than they appear, the individual stones themselves each have different energy.

I love working with crystals and gemstones, both because they are beautiful, and because they have such a powerful effect on your energetic systems.
Their energy resonates with yours, and your vibration changes through entrainment.
Combine the energy of the stone with your intention to help you create positive change in your life. 

(To learn more about energy healing and malas, click the "Learn" section on this site.)

☯ Each item is designed and handcrafted with love and intention, cleansed with sacred sage, blessed with a mantra prayer, and energized with the healing power of Reiki to help balance energy in mind, body and spirit.