"Met a special being today in a magical town who makes these intentional bracelets. Jen is dedicated to making a cause of positivity with her craft, and takes responsibility wholeheartedly for transforming this world from inside herself." 🙌🏼💞
- Emily


"Jen is providing wonderfully unique, handcrafted products that help to elevate the self and therefore the world.
Thank you for sharing your light and healing energy!"
- Celeste


"So glad I found you at the market!  I will love my pearl mala! 
Thank you for your positive energy.
- Alice


"Thank you, Jen for my beautiful new bracelet and reminder that in spite of our struggles, still we rise."
- Jen


"I love how well the bracelet looks added to my existing stack.
Ever since I started wearing the magnesite sideways cross bracelet, I’ve had some striking conversations.
It’s an old joke in my household how I will talk to anybody and that anybody will talk to me, but ever since I started wearing this bracelet, my experiences have shot to a whole new level. These are not just random conversations. Don’t ask me how or why, but within moments, things get … deep.
Jen Loper is happy to help you find a meaningful accessory that might just change your life."
- Eve


"I am so overjoyed! I have been looking through all of the necklaces at the Astoria Sunday Market and was really excited about the Rainbow Chakra Bracelets! Now I own one plus an Opal pendant.
Thank you, Jen, for putting so much love into all of your jewelry!"
- Adriana


"I purchased three chakra bracelets today at the Astoria Sunday Market.
They are so beautiful, filled with amazing energy, and such reasonable prices!
I also enjoyed visiting with Jen!!" 
Namaste - Tonni


"Beautiful custom pieces, very feminine and soothing. I am so happy I stopped at your booth Jen!
We left feeling calm and happy!" 
- Diane 


"My sister Jesica loved her red chakra bracelet."
- Jennifer 



"Thank you so much, Jen for creating this beautiful Mala for me!  I LOVE this! 
The beads are a combination of Black Agate, Black Onyx and Scenery Jasper."
- Cyndi


"I LOVE my Zen as F#€% bracelet, and the woman who designed and crafted it!!!
Get great comments in it, and it makes me smile whenever I look at it!!!"
- Dawn


"Thanks so much Jen for loving on my students, challenging them to think positively about themselves and empowering them.
This morning they cut out magazine pictures and words and glued them into their journals to express themselves. They feel more connected to their journals instead of rejecting them when they were sterile and plain. You’re awesome!!!"
- Becky


"You are a blessing! 💕 Thank you for being you!" - Payton

I wore one of this sister’s magical necklaces today. So much Love and Healing goes into her work. 🙏☀️🌈    - Shawn  

"It was an absolute pleasure meeting you!! I LOVE my bracelet!!" ❤️- Michelle

"Bless your sharing of love !!!!  Proud of you!" - Deb  

"I ❤️ my bracelet and enjoyed talking with you!" - Alicia 

"Beautiful!!!" - Connie

"I love my rainbow chakra bracelet! Thank you so very much!" 💞🌈 - Diana

"So happy to own one! 💗 Thank you, Jen!"  - Adriana

"Beautiful!"  - Deb

"Thank you for my beautiful breathe necklace! 💜 It's one of my favorites."  - Susan

"Gorgeous!" - Lara

"Love the WORDS !!!!!" - Deb