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I am featured in this article by Hailey Hoffman for Daily Astorian.

Portraits in a pandemic: Reopening
By Hailey Hoffman, The Astorian 

Zen Living Arts owner Jen Loper holds a print for sale, promoting social distancing, at her Astoria Sunday Market booth.


I am featured in this article by Elleda Wilson for Daily Astorian.

Show me a sign
By Elleda Wilson, The Astorian 

‘Last Sunday when I stepped into the public restroom (on Exchange Street), there was a sign that invited people to take what they needed,” Astoria Sunday Market Executive Director Cyndi Mudge posted on Facebook recently.

“That day, I needed strength,” she wrote. “These signs also appear in a variety of other unlikely places throughout town.” Cyndi’s photo of the sign she spotted is shown. Last summer, by the end of the day during Sunday Market, most of the tabs in the public ladies’ room had been taken. But who was putting up the signs has always been a mystery.

“Our own Jen Loper (pictured) from Zen Living Arts has been quietly — and up until now, anonymously — sharing these messages for a few years,” Cyndi added. “So go ahead. When you see this sign … be kind to yourself and take what you need. I’ll need strength again today.”


I am featured in this article by Eve Marx for Seaside Signal.

How jewelry can take on many meanings
By Eve Marx, Seaside Signal  Aug 15,


I am a published artist in Jewelry Affaire Magazine.



I am a Premier Vendor at Astoria Sunday Market.

Photo courtesy of The Daily Astorian


I am an Honorary Artist of Oregon.

Photo courtesy of Seaside High School


I had the honor of teaching an art project to a group of special education students at Seaside High School. 
Art media, the creative process, and the resulting artwork helps to reduce stress and anxiety, fosters self-awareness, develops social skills, and increases self-esteem.

Photos courtesy of Becky Botkins