The Healing Power of Smudging

Cleansing rituals to purify your home, attract positive energy, and bring peace into your life.

Smudging is a cleansing ceremony used to rid a person, space or object of negative energies, spirits, or influences.    
Smudging can be performed as often as you feel it is needed.  

▷ cleanse negative energy
▷ rid yourself of other people's vibrations
▷ set positive intentions
▷ help overcome adversity or illness
▷ increase focus and productivity
▷ strengthen relationships
▷ bring clarity, peace of mind, and love of self

Some of the best times to smudge include:

* When you feel energetically drained, overwhelmed, or feel negative energy emitting from your aura, an object, or your environment.
* Moving into a new environment, whether that be a home or office space.
* During a full moon and new moon ritual, or during any form of healing practice.
* Celebrate a new beginning, relationship, or endeavor.
* After returning from a crowded space, or an environment where there were negative energies or influences.

☯ Each item is designed with love and intention, blessed with a mantra prayer, and energized with the healing power of Reiki to help balance energy in mind, body and spirit.