Surviving the Dark Night of the Soul

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“The dark night of the soul comes just before revelation. When everything is lost, and all seems darkness, then comes the new life, and all that is needed.” ~ Joseph Campbell

There was a time when I was lost in darkness - desperately seeking solutions to heal imbalances in my own mind, body and spirit as a result of personal trauma.  I no longer knew who I was.  I only knew I would never be the same.

A "dark night of the soul" occurs when change is necessary. 

While processing through the necessary work of healing, transformation happens quietly, like the changing of the seasons. 
When it seems all hope is lost, a tiny bud emerges.  New growth is tender and delicate.

Once we have experienced an awakening, there is no going back to sleep.
However, to fully awaken means we must change our script, our unconscious behavior. 
My script included avoiding conflict, a lack of boundaries, suppressing my emotions, desires, and needs in order to please others, feelings of unworthiness, and choosing unhealthy relationships.
Changing our script requires intention, discipline, and a support system, but most importantly compassion for ourselves, and patience with the process.  Once we have acknowledged our fears, opened our hearts, and found peace with our past, a new life awaits us.  It is a time for redefining ourselves - a time to blossom. 

The spiritual journey is extremely personal.  It leads us to connect to our true essence so we can start making choices from our highest self.  The self that knows which course is best for us.  The self that wants us to learn self-love and self-fulfillment and to overcome challenges with grace.
When we move into alignment with our true selves, we begin a journey towards greater awareness, joy, and well being.

Since my dark night, I've had experiences that have reshaped who I am.  I've explored new interests, found my tribe, redefined my belief system, discovered hidden talents, and embarked on new endeavors.  In fact, I no longer recognize the person I left behind. 

I have survived the dark night of the soul. 


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